Trades and Services Vava'u Islands, Tonga, South Pacific

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Trades and Services Vava'u  Vava'u: 18°41' 60 S 174°1' 60 W

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Help Needed.
Hello, My name is Peter Windsor, I am 51 years old and have been repairing Brass and Woodwind instruments for over 30 years. Trained in UK before emigrating to NZ in 1982. I have trained 2 British technicians and one in NZ. I have had my own business for over 20 years and now semi-retired

Repairing Brass and Woodwind instruments in Vava'u

Tonga has many good school and church bands. Fund raising is often successful and new musical instruments are often supplied. The instruments supplied are not "set up" specifically for the Pacific Islands where no servicing/repair dept exists. Instruments at present either stay broken and playable instruments soon fail due to no maintenance. Instruments are now sent to NZ or Australia for repair often the freight cost (they are big, heavy and fragile) exceeds the cost of the repair and in many cases the value of the broken instrument!

Tonga needs a small workshop (one bench type operation) Where all the instruments can be repaired. Tonga needs a suitable person who lives in Tonga (and preferably plays in one of the bands) Who is willing to learn general musical instrument servicing and repairs.

I am prepared to come to Tonga and train a local resident to a certain level to enable the instruments to stay in reasonable playable condition. I am prepared to do this every year from May to October starting 2011, and donate my time at no charge. I can organise the appropriate spare parts and tools required.

Cafe Tropicana has generously offered to provide a small workshop and storage space in Vavau.

Some one in contact with all the bands (a tutor or conductor) to co-ordinate and find the suitable apprentice. Funds to cover expenses, basic tools, range of spare parts etc. Some body or organisation to fund raise or apply for grant aid from NZ Aid or Aus Aid etc.

A trained Tongan capable of repairing /servicing brass and woodwind instruments up to a basic level, who can pass on this knowledge on later. This could end up supplying work/income for the trainee long term. Valuable funds used (present and past) to purchase instruments will be better utilised as the instruments will last longer . A brass instrument should last 10-20 years! IF maintained. Wasted money on freight can be saved. More school children can learn a musical instrument as more are made playable.

Please contact for more information and I can put you in touch with Peter.


Kingdom Koffie
"Kingdom Koffie - get your Kaffeine Kick with Kingdom Koffie"

Talk to the sole distributor in Vava'u:
Cafe Tropicana +676 7512870


Kingdom Koffie - get your Kaffeine Kick with Kingdom Koffie

Grown and Roasted right here in the "Kingdom of Koffie (whoops Tonga)" this new brand is taking the Kingdom!

Available in 100gm, 250gm or 1kg bags. Either Ground (medium plunger) or Whole bean. Coffee beans can be ground to order as well.

1kg bag also available in Medium/dark or Extra Dark roast - roasted 2 to 3 times a week to ensure freshness.


Computer Support
See Greg at Cafe Tropicana VHF 16 or phone 7512347

Antivirus, Navigation, software and hardware support


Vava'u Investments

Office + 676 70318
Cell: + 676 8762856
Paini (pronounced Payany)

Vavai Island Property Services - customs agents

We are licensed to assist you with your import or export documentation. Licenced and Bonded Customs Agent.


Electronics Engineer
Electronics by a qualified Electronics Engineer based in Vava'u, call to discuss
Contact +676 84027

Electronics by a qualified Electronics Engineer based in Vava'u



Cafe Tropicana
Phone +676 71322
Mobile +676 7512870
VHF 16 "Tropicana"
(reaches all the way to Hunga!)

"the best darn little laundry in Tonga"

Yes your favourite cafe is now offering a laundry service in Vava'u, and the only one in Tonga that actually uses 9kg/18lb front loading commercial washing machines and gas dryers by SpeedQueen “ the worlds leading commercial washing machines. We have two of the stacks, one wash cycle will take upto 40 minutes, a dry cycle upto 40 minutes.

Yep one of the owners (greg), in one of his former lives was a Master Drycleaner and managed the largest Valet plant in Wellington for 4 years and setup the largest valet plant in NZ, so he knows what he's doing...

The laundry is in a self contained area out the back away from the kitchen and bar so your safe to eat the food and drink as well!

Bring your laundry in for the following services by our trained staff...

9kg Wash only $10TOP “ the machines spin at 1000 rpm so it really won't take long to dry on the boat or on your room balcony
9kg Wash/dry fold “ $20TOP
9kg dry and fold only $10TOP

Sorry, the machines are not coin-operated and we don't allow customers to load and empty the machines, mainly for the sake of the machines and security of other customers clothes in the laundry room.

You may bring in your own detergent ONLY if you are allergic to commercial low-suds soap though, but we will dose the machine. Front loading washing machines require a low suds formulation due to the great action inside the tub. Did you know most non-commercial detergents are made up of 25% filler???

We will deliver to the harbour area free of charge if you spend $20 or more. Or combine with another order to be over $20...

Phone for an appointment in town.


Aquarium Cafe,
on the Waterfront
Reservations call: +676 70493
VHF Ch. 16
Visa, MC, PayPal

The Aquarium Cafe offers Yacht Moorings for hire: nightly, seasonal & year-round rates. We also have Internet, a Wireless Network, & WiFi broadcasted to the whole harbour. Dock access, Water Svc, Rubbish Collection Svc, & Information Services.


The Ark Gallery
- moorings
- maintenance
- deliveries

Phone +676 7512673
Mobile +676 888 7998
VHF 10 "The Ark Gallery"
Owners Larry and Sheri
Anchorage #11

The Ark Gallery is the floating home and studio of local artist Sheri and her husband Larry. The "ARK" is just taxi ride from town. Pick up and drop off fro Ano Beach. Call to arrange a visit Spend the day swimming, snorkeling or just relaxing. We also offer kayaks and dinghies, both rowing and sailing.

Moorings available with validated parking. One night free with purchase from the Ark Gallery. Short and long term mooring hire, including cyclone moorings for the season. Yacht care and maintenance available.

Yacht Deliveries anywhere in the world “ 28 years experience.


Opua Offshore Communications
Opua Offshore Communications registration website

"The Voice of the Pacific" The best way to keep in touch. Marine Communications.


Hakau Adventures
Don and Laurie
Phone: +676 7558164

Two Years of Barging experience in Vava’u Waters


Hakau Adventures: Two Years of Barging experience in Vava'u Waters

We have the experience to move you and your equipment safely Our clients include, Coral Gardens Resort, Mafana Island Resort, Reef Resort, Treasure Island Resort. Please feel free to contact them for references on our service. We have also assisted many Tongan villages with moves.

Hakau 1 is a 5.5 meter (cat) or pontoon boat.
Beam of 2.8 meters
Capacity 10 persons plus crew or 1500 kilos of usable weight
Vhf marine, epirb, depth finder, gps and all saftey equipment, surveyed and certified by the Tongan Government.
Large open deck space
Operated by a licenced Tongan skipper
Fully loaded 7 knot cruise speed
Easy to load and unload on a beach or dock



Opua Marina

Opua Marina

Opua Marina is situated in the Northland region of the North Island of New Zealand. Popular for its Mediterranean climate, the area is known as Bay of Islands.

A favourite fishing and boating playground the Bay of Islands consists of 144 islands which are renowned for their diverse marine life and world famous big game fishing.

Opua is Located just five minutes by road from Paihia, the heart of Bay of Islands. It is 20 minutes from Kerikeri and Bay of Islands Airport and is a short water crossing from romantic Russell.

Opened on the 15th of February 2000, the Marina has been a great success with offshore visitors and locals alike. Opua is the Gateway to New Zealand and the main Port of Entry for off shore cruisers and a popular summer destination for many New Zealanders. Come and stay with us.

For Berth Sales on the Opua Marina & Main Opua Wharf, please telephone the Marina Office on 09-402 7124 (seven days).

Due to high demand, not all sizes are always available.

Opua Business Association

Opua Marina
Click here to download full plan

The following are members of the Opua Business Association...

Opua Links - see Port Opua Marine Park map

03 The Marina Café – 09 402-6999

03 The Marina Shop

03 KAHA Hairdresser – 09 402-5050

10 Cater Marine

10 Seapower

11 Marine Electrics Opua

10 Northland Spars & Rigging

12 Open Ocean Watermakers

20 Opua Engineering - (09) 402 7131

10 Opua Auto & Marine

10 Sign Worx

10 Opua Canvas

11 Bay Yacht Services

11 Lowes Marine

11 Northfreeze - 09 402-7094

11 Wavesail

11 NZ Stainless – 0272 905 381

13 Opua Port Supply – 09 402-6913

13 Legge Boatbuilders

18 Ashby’s Boatyard

08 Prior Marine - 09 402-6191

19 Opua Marine Painters

23 Opua Marine Services

11 Moorings Northland

05 Burnsco

04 Opua General Store – 09 402-7575

06 Opua Cruising Club – 09 402-6923

09 Gulf Group Marine Brokers

09 Customs & immigration - free phone 0508-558-855

09 MAF

NZ MARINE: The Island Cruising Association

The Island Cruising Association

The Island Cruising Association

The Island Cruising Association was started in the 1980's. At that time it's principal function was to promote Tonga as a cruising destination for New Zealand cruising yachts.

Over the years Island Cruising has changed into a privately owned company.


Vavau Pharmacy & Health Centre ltd
(676) 70 213

Pharmacy & Health Centre Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8.30am to 4pm
8.30am to 11.30am

Pharmacy & Health Centre

Physiotherapy Services (by appointment only) Treatment for:
· Soft-tissue Injuries
· Back and Neck Pain
· Sports Injuries
· Massage
· Pain and Stress Relief


Paul the Plumber
Based in the Old Harbour
Home 71441
Mobile 7574249

Paul the Plumber

New installations and repairs to any plumbing - Say Greg from Tropicana sent you...



Bryce Reality in realty matters

Robert Bryce; the ORIGINAL Realtor in Vava'u

Serving as a free consultant for all investors in Vava'u who want to know the facts and the truth. (

Phone: (679) 743-3548

Robert Bryce Business and Property Broker



Real Estate / Investments / Businesses for Sale
Real Estate / Investments / Businesses for Sale in Vava'u Islands, Tonga, South Pacific

Your own a piece of paradise

Web: Real Estate / Investments / Businesses for Sale


Tongamazing Real estate advertising service
Phone +676 881247 or +676 7512347

Tongamazing Real estate advertising service

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) list your land or business

$300 TOP one-off
until your property is sold or leased!
No commission and
no additional fees!!!


Tourism Properties

Tourism Properties

Tourism Real Estate and Businesses for sale in Tonga and the South Pacific Islands

Contact: Adrian or Chrissy Chisholm
Tourism & Hospitality Business Brokers _ South Pacific Real Estate
Phone (+64) 9 523 35 36
PO Box 109 452
New Zealand

Sustainable Tourism Business Solutions | Delivering Effective Outcomes

Sustainable Tourism Business Solutions | Delivering Effective Outcomes

Tourism Consulting Services helping maximise your bottom-line in:

Tourism Accommodation businesses including hotels, motels, management rights, resorts, lodges, guest houses, backpackers or holiday parks.

Food and Beverage Hospitality businesses including restaurants, bars, cafes, entertainment venues, micro breweries, distillers or wineries.

Leisure Visitor Activites including eco tourism, adventure, transport, indigenous, cultural heritage tourism and health/wellness facilities.

National, Regional, Local Tourism Association Authority, Government or Non-Government Organisation looking for Strategic Planning, Workforce Development, Community Engagement and Awareness solutions, village collaborations.

Contact us now:

Adrian and Chrissy Chisholm
Tourism Consultants
PO Box 109 452
Auckland 1149
(+64) 9 523 3536


Sam the Man
+676 8834844


Stone, Coral and Block Mason - walls / ovens / umu / houses
Garden and Lawn Maintenance - lawn mowing / weedeating / tree felling and trimming
Welding - Steel


Liviela Taxi
Phone (676) 70-240

Established 21 years ago. Situated at the heart of Neiafu opposite Bounty Bar and Café. Open 6 days a week (9:00am - 12:00pm) and no taxi on Sunday . Hire/Tour around Vavaú is available at anytime (approximately T$25-00 per hour).




Opening Hours
Tuesday and Thursday 12pm to 5pm
Wednesday and Friday 10am to 3pm
Saturday 9am to 12pm
Library Contact:
Nigel 71271
or Lisa from Tropicana 71322.


Click here to learn more about the Vava'u Public Library Scholarship Fund
Vava'u Public Library Scholarship Fund recipients

The Library has been supported and funded by the Island's residents and visitors for 25 years. It houses 3000 fiction, 1000 non-fiction and 1000 childrens books. It has a reference section of books about the South West Pacific.

Membership is TOP5 or whatever you can afford.and if you wish to donate books in any section we'll be happy to take them.

Saturday Reading: Childrens stories read by Volunteers to Tongan and Visitors children. Volunteer readers are very, very welcome.